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KingCraft - Candy Garden Android Terbaru

KingCraft - Candy Garden Android Terbaru
KingCraft - Candy Garden Android Terbaru - merupakan salah satu Game khusus buat HP Android ataupun Tablet yang berkategori Casual Game serta di rilis oleh developper Gerena Game ini memiliki tampilan grafik yang sangat bagus dan lucu serta memiliki beberapa fitur - fitur keren yang terdapat di dalamnya. Game KingCraft - Candy Garden Android ini kamu nantinya akan disuguhkan dengan game bertampilan Modern sehingga sangat banyak di minati oleh beberpa orang terutama anak- anak.

Choose your favorite character: will you select the little prince to be the king or will you prefer the princess to become the queen?
Non-linear gameplay so you can choose how to expand your realms and play at your own pace in this addictive and fast-paced saga.
Experience different maps and missions and make the most of it by getting the best score!
You will have to cultivate, combine and exploit everything in the same game!

Free online Events every weekend where challenge your friends in epic clashes. Challenge and defeat your friends by sharing your candy mania!
Visit the villages and farms of your buddies and compete against them! Only the best one can reach the top of the ranking! You can check the score of your friends and request them gold!

LEAD YOUR OWN TEAM to defeat all the Lords of the Kingcraft and win your crowns and conquer all kingdom farms. Start as a gentleman and increase your rank by exploiting fruits and jewelry to rescue and save the princess. Travel from city to city overcoming challenges and cultivating more assets for your empire in this addictive saga.
Combine sweet fruits, delicious sweets, gummy jelly and sparkling diamonds and gems, form power-ups, borrow them all and fill your chest with tons of gold.

Colorful and cheerful, full of amazing light effects.
Easy to play but hard to master, adults and children will enjoy playing!
Adventures, sagas puzzles and quests for boys and girls of all ages!

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